Human Rights Lawsuits against Companies

Risk of lawsuits in connection with human rights violations by companies

Failure to comply with human rights-related obligations may result in lawsuits being brought against businesses.

Modern trends of litigation in this area

The following modern trends in this area are of particular importance for businesses:

  • nowadays, national courts more and more often find businesses accountable for human rights violations;

  • national courts of some countries are reported to have adjudged cases where alleged human rights violations had occurred abroad, i.e. extraterritorial jurisdiction applied;

  • increasingly, human rights issues are raised by the governments in investment arbitration proceedings; and

  • human rights abuses sometimes result in parallel proceedings initiated in multiple jurisdictions, etc.1 

That is why business people and their lawyers recognize that it is important for them to be aware of the lawsuits brought by human rights victims against the companies and to understand the reasons behind those lawsuits even where they were initiated outside the countries where their respective businesses or practices are located.

Examples of human rights lawsuits against companies

Examples of human rights lawsuits against companies you may find in our brochure.



For more detail see, e.g.,