Jessup 2019





Jessup Problem

2019 Jessup Compromis     
2019 Corrections and Clarifications to the Jessup Problem    
First Batch of Basic Materials    
Second Batch of Basic Materials    
2019 Jessup Problem Panel at ILW  
UN Audiovisual Library of International Law - Jessup Collection   


2019 Teams Registration Teams registration is now closed  
2019 Judges Registration for the Russian Rounds    

Official Schedule

2019 Competition Schedule: International Rounds      
2019 Competition Schedule: Russian Rounds    

Official Rules

2019 Official Rules of the Jessup Competition      
2019 Summary of Rules Changes    
2019 Russian National Supplement to the Official Rules    
Charter of Coaching      

More information about Jessup Competition can also be found on the websites of the International Law Students Association and White & Case LLC