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The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition


29 January - 2 February 2020

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Preparation required for judging

Judging at the Jessup is a serious responsibility and requires substantial preparation. In order to be a judge you are expected to speak English fluently and hold a degree in law. Furthermore, please visit ILSA's Jessup Judges page to read and watch all the materials carefully and for additional materials. Each judge also needs to make sure that s/he carefully studies the 2020 Jessup Problem, the Corrections and Clarifications thereto, and the Bench Memorandum (to be distributed in January 2020).

General Program of the 2020 Russian Rounds for judges

The 2020 Competition timeline

Opening Reception

for Judges

Wed 29 January 


White & Case, 6th flloor

4 Romanov Pereulok, 6th Floor
125009 Moscow

(metro station Biblioteka im. Lenina, red line) 

Preliminary Rounds

Thu 30-31 January


09:00 – 19:00

09:00 – 13:30

 Moscow State University, Law Faculty

1 Leninskiye Gory (bldgs 13-14)4th academic building

119234 Moscow
(metro station Universitet, red line)

Advanced Rounds

Sat 1 February

 09:00 – 17:00

 Moscow State University, Law Faculty

1 Leninskiye Gory (bldgs 13-14), 4th academic building
119234 Moscow

(metro station Universitet, red line)

Final Round and Final Reception

Sun 2 February

 14:30 – 22:00

 Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO)

76 Prospekt Vernadskogo
119454 Moscow

(metro station Yugo-Zapadnaya, red line)

Informal afterparty for Jessup Judges

Sun 2 February

 Starting 23:00 




Contact Information
Background Information
A conflict of interest with a particular Russian Team and Practice Rounds

No judge should sit on a panel of any Oral Round involving a Team from a school with which the judge has a conflict of interest (see Official Rule 5.5). 

Merely being an alumnus of a particular school does not amount to a conflict of interest

Team Advisors (coaches) may not serve as judges at the Russian Championship, unless they have obtained prior express permission to do so from the Russian National Administrator and ILSA Executive Director ( 

Please note that Team Advisors must request a special permission to judge from ILSA's Executive Director

PART 2 out of 3. Judging Russian Memorials; Judging Russian Oral Rounds
Judging memorials on 11-21 January 2020

Memorials will be e-mailed to judges for evaluation on 11-12 January 2020. The deadline for returning memorial grades to us is 21 January 2020. Bench Memorandum will be distributed after 13 January 2020.

The National Administrator reserves the right to decrease (but not to increase) the number of memorials assigned to a judge.

Judging Preliminary Rounds on Thursday and Friday, 30 - 31 January 2020

Please note that the Individual Preliminary Rounds schedule will be sent to each judge on the last weekend of January 2020. We strictly keep to your availability indicated in the relevant fields below. IMPORTANT: If your availability changes, please send an e-mail at and make sure that receipt of your e-mail has been acknowledged. 

Judging at the Advanced Rounds of the Competition on Saturday, 1 February 2020

Because the Advanced Rounds are decisive for the advancing teams and require a very specific and dedicated experience in the Competition, in order to be eligible to judge them, you need to answer YES in at least one paragraph in Section 1.3(b), (d), (f)-(h) above. If you have judged exceptionally at the Russian National Rounds for 3+ years, you will be considered as a back-up judge for the Saturday rounds. We hope for your understanding.

While a pool of the advanced rounds judges will be formed in advance, the composition of the Quarter-Final Round and a provisional composition of the Semi-Final Round will only be determined on Friday night when we know the names of the advancing teams. Those judges who are invited to judge on Saturday will be contacted on Friday night by e-mail and/or phone. 

Please complete the form below if you would like to judge at the Advanced Rounds of the Competition.

Invitation to the Final Round on Sunday, 2 February 2020

All Memorial and Oral Rounds judges of the Russian Competition are cordially invited to attend the Final Round and Final Reception which will take place on Sunday, 2 February 2020, at the Main Conference Hall of MGIMO (76, Prospekt Vernadskogo).

PART 3 out of 3. Subsidies and visa support for judges traveling from abroad, Confidentiality of the Bench Memorandum
Subsidies for judges travelling from abroad

The Russian National Administration may be able to offer a subsidy for judges travelling from abroad in 2020. 

If funds become available, subsidies will be payable in cash in the amount of USD 100-200 on the Competition dates. 

Granting of subsidies is merit-based: those judges having significant prior Jessup or public international law experience will be given a priority (i.e., have given a detailed account of their relevant experience in at least one of the paragraphs in Section 1.3(b), (d), (f)-(h)). The subsidies are granted by a decision of the Russian National Administration. Judges travelling from other Russian regions or returning from their short-term international travel are not eligible for a subsidy.

Deadline for applying for a subsidy: 31 December 2019

The judges who do not enjoy the priority will be offered subsidies, if any are available, by 19 January 2020. Apart from that, "last minute" subsidies can also be available until the end of January due to possible drop-outs. We will be contacting judges on the waiting list in accordance with the order in which they applied for the subsidy, so please make sure that you apply as early as possible before the deadline.


Finally, please note that judges who are recipients of the subsidy are required to sit in at least two oral rounds on Thursday and one oral round on Friday.

Visa support for judges traveling from abroad

The Russian National Administration can provide an invitation to support visa application for the EU and US citizens. 

In light of recent developments we strongly recommend our judges to obtain a humanitarian visa (if applicable for your country) in order to visit Moscow for judging in the Competition.

Deadline for requesting an invitation: 31 December 2018

The non-EU and non-US judges are kindly asked to contact the Russian National Administration concerning the possibility of providing an invitation no later than 1 December 2018.

By registering for the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition you authorize Threefold Legal Advisors LLC, its designees, licensees, and assignees (“Threefold”), the International Law Students Association, its designees, licensees, and assignees (“ILSA”), White & Case LLP, its designees, licensees, and assignees (“White & Case”), to take photos and video and make any other type of recording of you, your written and spoken work, the faculty advisor, and any and all persons or guests affiliated with your team, during the 2020 Russian Rounds of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, and to reprint, transcribe, edit, excerpt from, or otherwise include any and all material from such event on the Threefold, ILSA and White & Case websites, any other websites or social media connected to Threefold, ILSA or White & Case, and in other promotional, educational, and commercial materials prepared by Threefold, ILSA or White & Case for distribution internally and externally anywhere in the world, and to use your name, voice and image in connection with the foregoing. If you do not agree to the foregoing, you may decline your consent only by contacting the Russian National Administrator of the Jessup Competition in writing at Any and all disputes arising out of this release will be governed by Russian law.
Thank you again for your time, your interest, and your energy.

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Confidentiality of the Bench Memorandum


Acting as either a Memorial Judge or an Oral Round Judge (with the exception of Team Advisors) gives you access to the Bench Memorandum. ILSA has asked that anyone being given access to the Bench Memorandum be advised of the following:

1) The Bench Memorandum is a confidential document and should be read only by judges and competition staff. Every possible measure must be taken in order to maintain the confidentiality of the Bench Memorandum, including compliance with the following two rules:

(a) Do not leave copies of the Bench Memorandum in public places, and

(b) Do not, in any circumstance, distribute the Bench Memorandum to competitors, not even after regional and national competitions.

2) The contents of the Bench Memorandum will remain confidential until the conclusion of the International Rounds on 18 April 2020.

3) The Bench Memorandum is copyright-protected. Any entity not affiliated with ILSA or the Jessup Competition must request permission to use or reproduce any portion of the Bench Memorandum.

4) The Bench Memorandum is an evolving document. As the competition year progresses, new versions of the Bench Memorandum will become available. ILSA encourages judges and competition staff to make sure they possess the most recent version of the Bench Memorandum.

5) Under the Official Rules of the Competition, teams may not be practice-judged by any person who has access to the Bench Memorandum. Accordingly, once a judge has received the Bench Memorandum, he or she should not take part in practice rounds with teams. This could result in the disqualification of the team.