Maria Issaeva

Managing Partner

Maria advises on a broad range of subjects pertaining to the European Convention on Human Rights and other issues concerning public international law. She represents clients before the European Court of Human Rights and national courts. Her professional experience of over 10 years includes working as a senior lawyer with the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights, as an associate for finance and litigation practice at a major international law firm, and as the head of an independent business project. Between 2008 and 2016 Maria also administered the Russian national rounds of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition. In 2016 was elected a board member of the European Society of International Law.

Admitted to practice in Russia in 2002.

Education: St. Petersburg State University (Russia).

Languages: Russian (native), English (fluent), French (working knowledge).

Office: Moscow.

Selected recent publications:

М.Issaeva, 'Twelfth Anniversary of Russia’s Participation in the Jessup Competition: A View from Behind the Curtain' in International Justice No. 3 (7) 2013, translated article available here.

M.Issaeva, I.Sergeeva, and M.Suchkova, 'Enforcement of the Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights in Russia: Recent Developments and Current Challenges', 15 Sur – International Journal on Human Rights (2012) (in English), available here.

M.Issaeva, I.Sergeeva, and M.Suchkova, 'Russia and the European Court: Reforms or Confrontation? // A Commentary on the Issue of the Exhaustion of Local Remedies before Filing an Application to the European Court of Human Rights in the Context of the Reform of the Courts of General Jurisdiction's Appeal Mechanisms and Certain Provisions of A.P.Torshin's Bill', (2011) 10 Arbitrazhniy i Grazhdanskiy Protsess 18; cont'd in (2011) 11 Arbitrazhniy i Grazhdanskiy Protsess 26 (in Russian).

Evgeny Borisenko Partner

Evgeny advises on a wide range of issues pertinent to the European Convention of Human Rights. He previously worked as a lawyer at the Registry of the European Court of Human Rights where he managed large cross-country case projects and drafted leading judgments on the right to a fair trial and the right to freedom of expression. His areas of expertise include fair trial guarantees in civil and criminal disputes, freedom of expression and freedom of conscience and legal protection of minority groups under international law. Evgeny regularly participated in training sessions and workshops where he shared his knowledge of the European Convention with human rights practitioners (France, Romania) and gave talks to members of Russian higher judiciary. Before that, he headed consumer rights’ department of a large Russian federal agency, he also worked as a legal counsel in a leading international testing and inspection group and as a monitoring officer in the Office of the Ombudsman.

Admitted to practice in Russia in 2009.

Education: Moscow State Linguistic University (Russia), Paris Institute of Political Sciences (France), Strasbourg University (France), European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (Italy).

Languages: Russian (native), English and French (fluent), Spanish (working knowledge).

Offices: Strasbourg, Moscow.