Private International Law

International Commercial Law and Conflicts of Laws

International Commercial Law, when taken together with Conflicts of Laws, governs various areas of legal relations of individuals and legal entities located, usually, in different countries or having another international element. 

Principal private international law issues

The list of issues that need professional involvement includes:

  • export/import transactions, in particular those governed by the 1980 Vienna Convention on International Sale of Goods and/or international commercial terms (Incoterms);
  • cross-border documentary sales transactions invoking letters of credit and other means to secure performance;
  • cross-border distribution and sales agency, building the distribution system in the respective market;
  • e-commerce and the rules that govern this type of commerce on international and european levels;
  • intellectual property, patents and trademarks;
  • international family law and inheritance;
  • foreign investment regime and international law guarantees for the purposes of foreign investment;
  • complex cross-border litigation and international arbitration.  

Why choose us?

Practice of law in this sphere demands fluency in foreign languages, contacts with attorneys abroad and understanding of the principles that govern the work of foreign state agencies and private businesses, as well as the skill to keep records and documentations in accordance with international standards.

Our attorneys have an extensive experience of doing projects where the issues of Internationa Commercial Law and of Conflicts of Laws were involved. This area of practice is adjacent to the other areas that we do, such as Business & Human Rights and Dispute Resolution