Why choose us?

We are excellent translators because we are bilingual lawyers with wealth of legal drafting experience.

By choosing Threefold for the translation of their legal documentation our clients guarantee themselves the highest quality of translation without having to deploy their own legal personnel for long hours of complex proof reading.

As lawyers, we know exactly what to do with a legal text and how to do it. In working with your documents, not only do we understand the words and phrases used, but we also comprehend the underlying essence and structure of the text, and what is required for translation.

A team of specialist lawyers with a wealth of transactional experience is responsible for the quality of translation of your document.

On top of quality, we bring speed to our work. 

How we achieve the desired quality of translation

  • Each translation is performed in two stages. The first is the translation itself. The second is thorough proof reading by a lawyer with solid experience in bilingual or multilingual cross-border legal practice.
  • We carefully translate your documents by taking into account any defined terms, business style guides or glossaries of your organisation, and any other essential conditions.
  • The legal component of our work is unique in the translation market and allows us to cooperate with your company’s lawyers directly, providing a level of service that  is fast and reliable, and maintains the original quality of your legal work.